Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bake Sale

What are the things we need for the bake sale?  Let's think about this DC friends and get a list going.  John will be bringing baked goods so he will be spending Friday afternoon on that.  Here are a few other things to think about for a bake sale:

Baked goods (I read that rice krispy treats are often the most popular)
Drinks (I think we are doing the homemade carbonated beverages for people so we need water bottles)
Chairs (Should everyone bring their own?)
Poster board signs, tags, and price list
Dollar bills and coins for change/ Cash box
Trash bin
Cups/Plates/Napkins/Utensils/ To-go bags
Cleaning supplies (paper towels, hand wipes)
EZ-up tent (even though it is early morning, we may want to put one up to hang signs on)

John and family will bring two pans of baked goods, a case of water, napkins, paper towels, EZ-up tent and a couple of chairs.  This Friday night we may want to take 5 minutes to make signs.  Could someone bring poster board and markers?


  1. We're bringing wheat-free cookies and full-of-wheat brownies, which are sitting in the freezer. We have 30-40 brownies. Is that enough, or should we make another batch? Might bring iced or hot tea, if time permits. Does anyone have cups?

  2. I have the cash box with $50 dollar bills ready to go. YES bring water bottles! The club members can use the machine to make the drinks. It's fun and they will enjoy making drinks while answering questions from shoppers! Buy this kind at Costco if you can: because the cap size fits the machine. Kirkland water bottles don't fit. We can carbonate ANY beverage (like iced tea) if it's put into a 1 or 2 litre bottle. EZ tent is a GREAT idea. I can bring the table in the front lobby but the rest have to stay in the classroom of course.

    Could use a donation can (see through?) for donation upon receiving carb. drinks.

  3. Filling up a 1 or 2ltr bottle of tap water is cheap and we can carbonate it. The water NEEDS TO BE cold so it will go in my garage refrigerator until used. Maybe add three empty 2litre bottles to the "wish list"!

  4. I have to go bags (plastic and paper). Confirmed that Ashley and Alex Burt (former competition team members) will be there at 730am.