Friday, December 13, 2013

nomination Everyone must submit (i will count how many nominations i have)

Here is the link to a survey i have created. The winners will receive a certificate.

you can not nominate yourself

Last Day - By John

We are finishing up with our poster and everything else. I am really excited for State Competition! I finished my project on the evolution of tasks. We started gluing the poster and built the holders for the tablets. I think it turned out great.


Today is the beginning of the end... or perhaps the beginning of the middle of the beginning... or even the beginning of the end of the end. And now I'm rambling.
Big things happened today (Friday, December 13th, 2013). I got a brownie! And cookies! And then school ended and I got to go to robotics and watch a printer make a tetrahedron.
Again, I'm off topic. Sorry.
During our actual meeting, serious work began. Our project posterboard is finally almost done! We are mounting tablets that will be constantly playing videos that pertain to our research and our solution to our problem.
Thank yous for the night:

Gatlin: You are officially nominated for MVTM (Most Valuable Teammate) and BBE (Best Brother Ever) for going A and B the C of D. I'm pretty sure you win the second one because I think we are the only people that actually have brothers. If you want to nominate me, though, I'm totally cool with that...

Seth: I'm nominating you for MVTM as well, cause you let us use your brand new tablet for our poster. That's huge, dude. I really appreciate, as does the rest of the team, I'm sure.

John: Thanks for being on the team dude. You are a HUGE asset to the team, building all that junk that led to better junk from Meredith and Gatlin and Seth to even better final attachments that most certainly were not junk. I nominate you MVTM.

Meredith: You're so fun to have around, listening to my silly title names. MVTM nominee right here.

Inother words, everyone is nominate MVTM.

MVTM Votes shall take place on the blog soon after the official state tournment. Keep checking back to see when the voting begins! We may have an actual poll, which would be so cool. There will be a post with the rules when it begins. It will have another eye-cathing title like this one.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Less than 15 hours to competition

Today we are furiously working on just about everything. We have worked on the table challenges a lot and we have been working on our project poster (we have one of the tablet holders secured.). On the table it seems that we have all of our programs working 9.5 out of ten times. Our skit is also coming along very well.

I cant wait until AZ states. I really hope we do well. It would be so much fun to go to nationals. But I'm not sure where it is. I'm not sure if anyone not working for FLL knows where it is because they might not have made it public yet. but at states they will probably say.

team journal

today was good.  we finished our skit and our poster. we still need to finish some things though


12/13/13 meredith

Today we did runs on the board. We had some problems with the programming but we fixed and tested them. We also worked on the skit and made a few mistakes. We practiced and got better. Then we worked on the project board and attached our tablets to it so that we could show videos. Last we made ques so that we would not talk over each other in the core values section.Over all i think we had fun and made allot of progress.

Saturday, December 7, 2013


December 6:

We didn't do much today. All of us finished early so there wasn't much left to do. We did get some things done, but today wasn't the most productive day.


December 7:
Today was good. We held a team-building exercise at the park. We also finished adjustments to our programs. We flew our Quadcopter! Other than that we didn't do much else.


Auto-generated compilation video

Progress: Eh...

We are furiouosly working to get our project poster done, but the video that we are going to use for our tablet isn't converting.

Please excuse me as I go and scream.

(After metaphoric scream)

I'm back. Let me explain my problem. We are currently trying new challenges that aren't working very well (accuracy, repeatability, etc.) and we are trying to create a trifold for our project. To show that we know what we are doing, however, we want to integrate tablets into our board (Gatlin's and Seth's I believe). But on Gatlin's tablet, we want a repeating video of our interview with the firefighters, and that is what's got me screaming into my pillow.We started converting the video so we can use it last night. It didn't finish by the time we finished our meeting, so we figured we'd let it run overnight. Of course, we get back this morning and I turn on the laptop and it HASN'T CHANGED! Finally, after twenty minutes of thinkig it's working, I look at it and realized that it aborted. *Sarcastically* Hooray!

Wish us luck. We're gonna need it.

Sunday, December 1, 2013


we only have two more meetings that everyone is going to be here. Two fridays unless john comes on sunday.

to become stronger as a team

As most of you know the area we did worst in was core values.

I have come up with an idea to become closer as a team and it should help us with all pf the sections of core values that the coaches book gives. some of those are friendly competition, sharing your experience with others and discovering things with your coaches.

I had the idea of having a friendly competition to see who can complete the grey tower challenge on the board the fastest. (if you were wondering the grey tower challenge is, there is a tower that has three of the five sections already built so your bot has to deliver the two other pieces and rebuild the tower.) We would stay friendly with each other and get help from our coaches and mentors. The contest (if all goes as planned) should help us with core values and the table.

I am not sure if we will need to use a whole meeting or half of a meeting or multiple meetings but this should help with all of our core values

If you were wondering the core values are...

  1. we do the work to find the solutions with the guidance of our coaches and mentors
  2. we know our coaches don't have all the answers; we learn together
  3. we honor the spirit of friendly competition
  4. what we discover is more important than what we win
  5. we share our experiences with others
  6. we display gracious professionalism and coopertition in everything we do
  7. we have fun
ps. if you are wondering how this will help with #5 when someone is done they cab help others finish.


December, everybody. The month of winter (thank you for this miracle, God.), holidays (even if Hannukah came really early as far as I can tell,) and most importantly, the State Competition. Our competition is not that far away. In fact, its on December 14. Spending time with family is important this month, though. But this is easily fixed. Invite your family! We need a fanclub to cheer us on during the robot game. Homefield advantage, people! So remember, December 14, invite your family, and have a great holiday season, everyone. I wish you all the best.