Saturday, October 26, 2013

Team update 10/26/13

Meeting on 10/26/13

  • Meredith worked on:
    • Modifying the robot design to line up more correctly at the start of the program.  Success is intermittent.  Approach was "spear based"
  • Gatlin worked on:
    • Modifying the programming during the run to bring the pets to the red zone
    • Modified Seth's basket to make it more narrow in the hopes of a "dual use" attachment.  Both boys can continue to work on the programming on their bots but share the attachment at the table.  
Recommendations for the group:
  1. When done with basket attachment: leave it at the table for the next person.
  2. Two runs at the table for each bot and then back to the square tops for modifications before running it again
  3. If further attachments need to be made, give a sketch to John and Logan to build.  They are good at it.
  4. Have Meredith, Seth, and Gatlin focus on programming and not building unless absolutely necessary.  We can divide the tasks this way and they are good at programming.
Prepared by: Diane

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