Friday, October 11, 2013

team journal 4

Friday, October 11:
It was a slow day today. Only me, Lael and John were here so we did robots only. John had a lot of trouble and got really upset. He calmed down after a while though. I'm having the same problem as last time: the trucks drag the robot around the board! Lael, however, completely finished her program! She made it over the obstacles perfectly! I will now bee showing a "percent of progress" after each entry.

percent of progress: 78%
Lael's post:
Today I made a gyro sensor and a touch sensor attach to a robot. My brother Seth helped me program it. It got over all of he walls five times in a row!! Not even Gatlin can do that!!! He's in sixth grade!! I'm only in third!! I even made it stop when the touch sensor hit the wall!

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