Saturday, December 7, 2013

Progress: Eh...

We are furiouosly working to get our project poster done, but the video that we are going to use for our tablet isn't converting.

Please excuse me as I go and scream.

(After metaphoric scream)

I'm back. Let me explain my problem. We are currently trying new challenges that aren't working very well (accuracy, repeatability, etc.) and we are trying to create a trifold for our project. To show that we know what we are doing, however, we want to integrate tablets into our board (Gatlin's and Seth's I believe). But on Gatlin's tablet, we want a repeating video of our interview with the firefighters, and that is what's got me screaming into my pillow.We started converting the video so we can use it last night. It didn't finish by the time we finished our meeting, so we figured we'd let it run overnight. Of course, we get back this morning and I turn on the laptop and it HASN'T CHANGED! Finally, after twenty minutes of thinkig it's working, I look at it and realized that it aborted. *Sarcastically* Hooray!

Wish us luck. We're gonna need it.

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