Saturday, September 28, 2013

Important: This and that

Random, yet important thoughts to consider before Monday's meeting.

Please brainstorm for team names.
Does everyone have a team T-shirt or do we need new ones?
Please remember to read this blog two to three times a week.
Please remember to post on this blog after every meeting. This is for everyone.


If you want to contact a local Emergency Manager, FLL offers help through Sherry Meyers at or visiting visit

For game rule updates, go here:
Important rule update: If the object crosses the line, even *barely, it’s “in.”  The presence or absence of the robot or a container is irrelevant.  Practical example:  If the FRONT of your robot is in RED but the cargo is at the BACK of the robot, the cargo doesn’t score.
We need to consider navigation of the board. Without a lot of useful lines available, we need to come up with a way for the robot to find its way around the board.
Let's sit down with the three robots and make sure they're still all compatible.
A useful video on making a modular base robot:

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