Monday, September 30, 2013

Updated Project Research

No land based robots, terrain to rocky/rough

Current location
Local/Remote viewing
Communication relay point

IR Camera: Day or night, see through smoke, see hot fires

Roles: Fire (Gatlin)
Firefighters (Logan, John, Meredith)
Lookout (Seth)
Presenter(s) (Meredith/)
Meredith: Hello, judges. My name is Meredith, and I shall be a presenter today. Our cast includes Logan, John, and myself as firefighters, Seth as a lookout, and Gatlin as our fire. (Point to actors)
Our project today was inspired by the Yarnell Hill Wildfire. A drone can fly above the fire as an artificial firefighter lookout. However, it would not replace human lookouts, who would constantly monitor drone footage streamed live to their phone or tablet. This is a proof of concept, so we have not implemented all of our planned features. One such feature, is infrared cameras that can see through smoke, will not be blinded by the fire, and can "see" day and night. The drone's sensors can also provide up-to-the minute fire locations, wind speed and direction, and heat levels. Here is Gatlin, our other presenter.

Gatlin: We also plan to have this work as a communication relay point in the event that the firefighters are stuck in a valley and their communications are blocked by the mountains. Additionally, the drone's data would not only stream to the lookout's tablet/phone, but it would also stream to the firefighter headquarters for monitoring. This allows the location and status of the firefighters to always be known.
Please enjoy the following scene, set in a time before the drone has been introduced.
SCENE: Set in a forest (get backdrop) with fire crackling throughout the scene. The firefighters are on stage left, while the fire is on stage right. The lookout is at middle stage, watching the fire through his binoculars.
Gatlin: *Slowly move in towards fire fighters**Crackle plays* BURN, BURN, BURN!
Seth: The fire is getting to close to me. I gotta move.
Logan: Got it. We'll be on our way in a minute. Stay safe.
Seth: *Exit scene, stage back left*
Gatlin: *Get even closer**Crackling* BURN, BURN, BURN
Logan: *Sees fire, hears crackle* Oh my gosh, the fire is getting too close! We can't get out in time! Pull out your fire blankets.
(All fighters pull out blankets and get on ground)
Gatlin: *Step over firefighters**Crackle reaches its loudest point*
Gatlin: *Continue moving**Crackle slowly gets softer until it vanishes completely*
John: We barely made it out alive! Good thing our fire blankets saved us this time.

Meredith: Now lets try this scene again with the drone that we have developed.
SCENE: Same forest backdrop, fire on stage left, fighters on stage right, lookout is now with firefighters. The crackle can be heard
Gatlin: *Slowly move in towards firefighters**Crackle gets louder*
Seth: *Holding iPhone controlling drone* *Through walkie-talkie* Hey guys, the fire is a half-mile away and the wind has just shifted and will blow it through your area in the next half-hour. You should move out.
Logan: Thanks. We are headed out now.
Firefighters: *All exit scene*
Gatlin: *Time lapse* *As fighters leave scene, slowly move through after them**Continue on, off set**Crackle get louder* BURN, BURN, BURN
All: *As fire exits set, come back in*
John: Wow! Without that drone, we would have been left to our
fire blankets. And everyone knows those things don't work all the time. Thank you, (insert drone name here)
Gatlin: And because of the drone, the firefighters were always a step ahead of the fire. Let's take a closer look at this drone.

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