Monday, September 23, 2013

Rough Draft Presentation Script

This is an idea for our presentation. We have quickly drafted a script, and we might hold "auditions" no Friday.
Roles: Fire
Presenter 1: Hello judges. Our suggested project was a drone to see and warn
firefighters of approaching fire.
Presenter 2: Please watch this skit of the firefighters before the drone.
Fire: *Slowly move in towards fire fighters*
Fighters Lookout: I gotta move out!
Head Fighter: Okay. Stay safe.
Fighter Lookout: *Exit scene*
Fire: *Get even closer*
Head fighter: *Sees fire* Everyone!!! The fire is too close. Get out your blankets.
(All fighters pull out blankets and get on ground)
Fire: *Lay down on the firefighters*
Fire: *Continue moving*
Firefighter: We barely made it out alive! These fire blankets aren't very reliable.
Presenter 1: And now, the scene after the drone has been introduced.
Presenter 2: Places, please!
Fire: *Slowly move in towards fire fighters*
Lookout: *Holding iPhone controlling drone* *THrough walkie-talkie* Hey guys, the fire is a half-mile away
and the wind will blow it through that area in the next half-hour. You should move out.
Firefighter: Roger that. We're heading out now.
Firefighters: *All exit scene*
Fire: *As fighters leave scene, slowly mve through after them**Continue on, off set*
Firefighters: *As fire exits set, come back in* Wow! Without that drone, we would have been left to our
fire blankets. And everyone knows those things don't work all the time. Thank you, Desert Drone 52.
Presenters: And because of the drone, the firefighters didn't have to rely on the unreliable fire
blankets, and they all lived happily ever after.

This is a Yarnell Hill Fire scenario
We have also had the idea of a "Hunger Games" themed skit where Katniss is being closed in by a wildfire. There is also the idea to do a "Hunger Games: Catching Fire" theme, where the drone could alert the Tributes as to which section of the "Clock" is active.

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