Monday, September 16, 2013

Logan's Questions for the Firefighters

Have any of you actually fought a wildfire?
What are some ways that you think we could help prevent wildfires?
If we did this, how useful would it be in a wildfire? In a domestic fire? In search and rescue?


  1. Seth: Have you actually used a drone? If so, how useful was it to you?

  2. Have you ever used a fire blanket? If so did you feel safe under it?

  3. Do you think your fire blankets are thick enough?Do you think thicker fire blankets would help?

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  5. John: What are the different dangers of wildfires?
    How are wildfires different from domestic fires?
    Meredith: In what ways are the technology you have useful?
    Seth: What technologies have you used, and how are they useful?
    Other: Did you know anyone in the Yarnell Fire?
    Do you use any robotic technology in firefighting now?
    Do you know of any robotic or drone technologies that they are planning to introduce into active service?
    Are there any in active service now?
    What do you think you need the most in the field that no one is aware of or no one has discussed? (Lighter suits, floating packs, etc.)
    Are you aware of any changes in firefighter techniques based on what happened at Yarnell Hill?
    How heavy is your equipment?
    What is domestic firefighting training like compared to wild firefighter training?
    What are the physical requirements for being a firefighter? (Eye sight, strength requirements)
    What is the death rate for firefighting?
    How important is wind in wildfires? Undergrowth? Dead vs green plants?
    What are the most common causes for fires?
    What are the most common types of injuries that firefighters sustain?

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