Friday, November 29, 2013

Once Again, a New Script

Most recent edits are italicized in red.
Lines that need memorizing are bolded in blue 
Notable improvements to blocking are underlined in green. If you can't read it, ask me.
Notable things that need remembering are (parenthesized) in pink
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Lines that people could split between them have (split) in front of them in purple
New lines are highlighted in red
Presenter 1: Judges, are you ready for us? *Wait until judges are ready* Our suggested project is a drone to see and warn wild-land firefighters of approaching fire.
Presenter 2: Please watch this skit of the firefighters before the drone.
Fire: *Slowly move in towards fire fighters*
Fighter Lookout: (This is with a walkie-talkie) I gotta move out!
Head Fighter: Okay. Stay safe.
Fighter Lookout: *Exit scene*
Fire: *Get even closer*
Head fighter: *Sees fire* Everyone!!! The fire is too close. Get out your blankets.
(All fighters pull out blankets and get on ground)
Fire: *Lay down on the firefighters*
Fire: *Continue moving*
Firefighter: We barely made it out alive! These fire blankets aren't very reliable.

Presenter 1: And now, the scene after the drone has been introduced.
Presenter 2: Places, please!
Fire: *Slowly move in towards fire fighters*
Lookout: (With other firefighters) (This is without a walkie-talkie) *Holding iPhone controlling drone* Hey guys, the fire is a half-mile away
and the wind will blow it through that area in the next half-hour. You should move out.
Firefighter: Roger that. We're heading out now.
Firefighters: *All exit scene*
Fire: *As fighters leave scene, slowly move through after them**Continue on, off set*
Firefighters: *As fire exits set, come back in* Wow! Without that drone, we would have been left to our
fire blankets. And everyone knows those things don't work all the time. Thank you, Desert Drone 52.
(Through walkie-talkie) Hey, Al, thank those kids at DCRobotics for this great fix. Nothing like this has been implemented in fire-fighting before. You think that we would have thought of stuff like this by now.  
Presenters: And because of the drone, (split) the firefighters didn't have to rely on the unreliable fire
blankets (variations)(split) and they all lived happily ever after.

Presentation of Facts lines: (Everyone stand in a shoulder-to-shoulder line with Gatlin and Meredith.)
Meredith: In addition to being able to alert the wild land firefighters of approaching fire, our drone has some other features. Our drone will be able to fly above the fire, and can stream live video to a phone or tablet. (video of drone flying?) However, this drone is a proof of concept and will not be able to do everything we have planned.
Gatlin: Some of these planned features include infrared cameras, communication relays and a further range. Infrared cameras can "see" through smoke because they sense heat, not visible lightBecause of this, it can see through smoke and at night.
(Split) :We plan to have it work as a communication relay point because, if a firefighter gets stuck in a canyon or valley, their communication could be blocked by the surrounding mountains. And finally, our current drone only has the range of a wi-fi network. We can connect our phone's to the wi-fi network and then use an app to fly it. We intend to remedy the fact that the range is only as far as this network can reach.

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