Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hear ye, hear ye! The Great Compilation is begun!

Today, we began the compilation of every program we are using is now on one file. We are calling it 1 Full Run to keep it at the top of the program list on the project, and we have a complicated logic chain going into it. 
The program works like this:
  1. We have a wait block that waits until there is a change on the brick's buttons.
  2. When there has been a change, the wait block sends the button ID to a compare block.
  3. If the button ID is not equal to one, then the statement is true and the next section of the program begins.
  4. If the button ID is 1 (the left "arrow" button), then the statement is false and it goes to the false part of the switch block, which consists of a half second wait before moving to the next logic chain.
This makes skipping from one section of program to another very easy and simple. The bot asks you a question (Get People?) and you choose the button you need.

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