Sunday, November 24, 2013

Recap of Regional

Compliment section:

  • Gatlin- thank you for providing a super fun activity for in between the table challenges.  You lightened the mood of the day.  The yo-yos were a blast and you captured a lot of onlooker attention.  In the spirit of being friendly, shall I buy a bunch of yo-yos, for the State and you can teach onlookers or will you be too busy?--Diane
  • Logan- thank you for putting together such an amazing project with all the research you did.  You helped us win that trophy!
  • Seth and Meredith- you kept your cool at the table and it showed.  Great job.
  • Gatlin- you are always amazing at the table and just in working with other people.  You are the whole package.
  • Brett- our trifold and table was EXTREMELY professional looking.  Colored print outs were above and beyond the call of duty.  It was totally appreciated.  The candy and quadcopter was great.  Let's bring all that again!  Shall I provide a tablet to attach to the trifold?  A multi-media presentation?  Say the word
  • Anyone want to make a Youtube video?  I wish I could have seen your skit?!!!

What the judges asked:


  1. I think that we all did very well during regional's but on our reviews it said that we spoke over each other so i think that we need to work on that.

    -I think that buying yo-yo's would be a very fun idea and that a lot of kids would enjoy doing that. BUT it might get a little pricey depending on how many you buy and what kind they are. If we were to do that i would say buy like 3-5 decnt ones and people can take turns.

    questions we were asked...
    - Some of the questions were...

    Who did the programming?
    Do you have one big lenghthy program or one long well sort program or individuall programs.

    there were many others that they asked that i cant think of right now that i may post later.

    To everyone i would like to say great job and lets do great at states!!!!!

    I'm sorry if it doesn't say i posted this because it doesn't seem to be letting me sign into my Google account so i will just sign this.

    -Gatlin W. Farrington

  2. Totally agree. I found it interesting that even though we are a diverse team, that no one included, ADHD, Autism or Asperbergers on the team bio sheet/in their write ups. In my opinion it is an extra source of pride. It plays into who we are and shows how far we had to come. I would like to see that info. added. We are a mixed bag of blessings!

  3. FLL:

    Project: We did great and had alot of details and info. We also did great on our skit. Overall we did great on the project.

    Board: We did good and kept at least half calm through the whole thing. We even completed a couple of unplanned missions. i gave my partner high fives.

    Core Values: We interrupted eachother and got frustrated. Our poster looked great! We did a team activity, that had one mini team putting stickers on a sheet and describing the sticker and where they put it. We had another team that listend to the descriptions and put the stickers in place. We did great on that, and i gave the team high fives.

    Technical portion: We did a great job explaining things, but did not let others talk about their own programs.

    Round robin: We did were completely calm and completed all our missions. We did great and won that section. i gave the team high fives again.

    Other: We should not put the kits on the benches, we were just giving the other teans points for helping us clean up. We should keep our tempers down and help others keep their tempers down at State. We did great and should try to do as great maybe better at state. Go team!

    Inspiration and Motivation: "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." –Napoleon Hill
    We will do great at state! (haha that rhymes)

    1. Great quote, Meredith. I think we really need to talk to John. He was the only person at the robot building judge when they split us up. He would be the only person who knows what is asked there.

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