Friday, November 29, 2013


Regionals was a great experience. This year, making it to state really booisted our energy, but we were happy and skipping and laughing all day.
People really enjoyed coming over and getting candy, as well as atching Gatlin yo-yo all day (Thank you!) and walked around looking at other posters. At one point, people offered me water and food. At another point, I helped a kid practice his presentation by listening and asking questions, which was cool.
At the table, I was super pumped up in the sidelines (though I got frustrated a bit.) Good job guys at the table. But remember, the three rules of Lego Mindstom Competitions: alignment, alignment, alignment.
During the judging, we need to work on speaking over each other. Perhaps we can have one person coordinating the efforts (ex. Judge: *ask question* P1: Um... P2, would you like to answer? P2: Sure.)
Otherwise, I felt that we did a really good job. Congratuations guys. State competitions, here we come.

And remember! Always remeber:

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